Enrollment & Fee Information

Enrollment Requirements

— Unity Christian Academy’s purpose is to assist parents in educating and rearing children according to Biblical principles and commandments.

— Unity Christian Academy will not discriminate against, or exclude, any family from registering based on race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

— Parents and students are required to be regular in church attendance at a Bible-based church in the area.  Students are required to bring a letter of verification from a pastor, youth leader or Sunday school teacher.

— Students transferring to UCA must transfer “average” or above grades for the last grade completed.

— Students who test more than one grade level below the grade for which they enroll, will be placed in the lower level class.

— High school students will be allowed only the credits earned with the letter grade of “C” or above.  Any credit earned with a “D” will require the student to repeat the class and earn a higher grade.

— UCA accepts only students who have NO record of repeated behavior or disrespect problems in other schools.  Students who are suspended or expelled due to violations of school policies will not be accepted.

— In accordance with the Statement of Faith, UCA has a standard of conduct for students to mature in their Christian development.  Students are required to uphold these standards while enrolled in UCA.

— Based upon Biblical teachings and principles, students from the following categories will not be accepted for enrollment at UCA:
1.) Those that are homosexual, married, pregnant, have a child; living together while not married; or are actively engaged in pre-martial sex.
2.) Those that use or sell tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
3.) Those that are not consistent and regular in church attendance.

Please Note:

— Because a young person has become involved in behavior and activities that are admonished by the Word of God, does not mean that God does not love him/her or that we are passing judgment upon them!  We are very concerned and want to help them understand God’s Love and Word.

— Because of our concern, the staff of Unity Christian Academy and Ministries will be available and happy to minister with any student and parents who may be experiencing difficulty understanding and living according to God’s principles.

— Unity Christian Academy is required to have a complete physical report and an up-to-date immunization record on each student.  Also a copy of the student’s social security card and birth certificate is required.

— UCA uses Christian educational materials and curriculum.

— Enrollment is offered to students in grades K5 thru 12.

— Formal graduation ceremonies are held for the graduating senior at the end of the academic year.

Revised 06/30/08

Mission Statement

Uniting Christian Families of all denominations in Christian and Academic Education.  Providing educational opportunities for students in grades K – 12 and tutoring and assistance for students in grades 1-12.

Fee Information – 2011-2012

Registration Fee for Fulltime and Home School Students

A registration fee for K-8 of $150 per student and 9-12 of $200 is payable when application is submitted no later than July 15th.

Testing Fee

A testing fee of $25 will be required for all students.

Tuition Fee

Per Year $3,500 or 10 Monthly Payments of $350.  The first payment of $350 is due by August 1, 2011.

Book Fees

The book fee of $325 for the coming year is due no later than July 20, 2011.

A completed registration form and the registration fee are required in order to guarantee placement.  Registration fees are not refundable except when a family receives a work-related transfer prior to the beginning of the academic year.

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